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Everything went white.

It was so blinding, like a never ending flash that felt unrealistic. I was burning hot and freezing cold at the same time, and felt...strange..

After what felt like forever, I found myself laying on my right side against a floor. Everything around me was white, like the flash, but not as bright. Slowly, I brought myself to my feet, and dusted myself off, then looked down, then up.

Where...where am I? I thought to myself. I looked at my hands, then down at my shoes. I was still me, normal.

I tried thinking back, what just happened...? I...Am I dead? I turned around and saw something in the distance. I'm not sure what it is, but start walking towards it. I could have ran, but..I didn't want to. I kept my pace slow, and tried to make out the figure in the distance.

As I did this, I also tried to remember entirely what happened.

I...I was with Tails and Amy...I think...Knuckles was there...We...we were fighting Eggman again, at his new base...ah, and...and...But how did I die? Am I even dead?

I kept walking. I couldn't remember me dying.. I think...I died fighting Eggman, I don't know if the others died...I hope they're okay.

The figure in the distant came into slight view. it couldn't be...

"...Amy?" I croaked under my breath.

Did she die too? No, Are-Are we even dead? No, No this doesn't...

I began running towards her, and as soon as I got there, I saw she was sitting down, reading a book. She looked completely un-phased, normal. She even was smiling.

"Amy?" I addressed aloud. She turned her head towards me.

"Oh, Hi Sonic!" She greeted, putting the book down. I blinked. "Amy..where are we?"

"Dead." She replied. "I thought so... did we die?"

She pulled herself up and made her way towards me. "You don't remember? We died in that explosion." She told me.

"But...where are the others?"
"In their own world."
"Then why are you here with me?"

A familiar feeling painted her face as she grinned. "Because I wanted to be here with you. And you must have wanted me here, or I couldn't come here." I rolled my eyes, even though she was right.

"Can we control what happens here?" I asked, looking around the white void. Amy giggled and lifted a small gem and grabbed my hand. She placed them gem into it. "Imagine something," She said, squeezing my hand with the small object.

I nodded and closed my eyes. ...Grass would be nice, I thought. Faster than expected, I began to feel a tingling on my legs from the ground. I opened my eyes and looked down to see that the floor was turning green and stems of grass were growing right before us. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out as I stared in wonder. I looked around the void, now the entire place was floored with grass, which seemed to go on forever.

"Now don't go imagining things that could make us die in the afterlife," teased Amy. I smiled. "We can live here forever." I said aloud, looking up.

The sky above was still a white void, no atmosphere. I turned to Amy. "How about a sky?" Amy smiled and nodded quickly. I closed my eyes once more and envisioned a blue sky above us, one that could change to day and night. I opened my eyes to see the white fading to a light blue.

Amy and I both laughed, and stood up. "Maybe a sun?" Amy suggested, and soon enough - a sun shone in the sky. I never in my life imagined we could do this!

We both continued to shape our new world and everything in it, hours went by of flower building and valley carving, the void just went on and on..

After a while, we both grew tired and decided to rest in one of the new fields. We plopped down onto the dry long grass and lay still.

"Sonic?" She said. I turned my head towards her. "Can I use the stone for something?" I nodded and handed the gem to her. She took it in her hands and closed her eyes. She lay still for a few moments, them shut her eyes tighter in frustration. She seemed to be trying really hard for something, then my eyes widened when I saw tears stream down her face. "Amy? Why are you crying?" I asked, and slid closer to her. She sobbed, "Why's it n-not working...!?" She cried.

"What are you trying to do, Amy?" I blinked in concern. She opened her eyes and stared at me, tears streaming down her cheeks. Then she closed her eyes and looked down. "I knew it wouldn't, anyway..."

What did she want..? I felt guilty, even though I did nothing wrong. Then I slowly realized what she was wanting. I felt even guiltier.
Then I blinked, and smiled.
"You can't wish for something that's already there." I told her. She looked up at me. "But it isn't there...I was a fool to ever think it was - would ever be.." She wiped the tears from her eyes. "It doesn't matter, anyway."

I put my hand to her chin and had her look at me.

"It's there." I said with a smile. "It's always been there, you just couldn't see it. Like...stars that are really far away. There are so many, but you can't see them. But they're there."

I swallowed my pride and forced the words out. "And it's a lot more than all of those stars, Amy."

Amy opened her eyes and looked up at me, her eyes glowing. Part of me wondered why I hadn't realized it before all of this. My heart pounded vigorously as I stared back at her. There were thousands of words I wanted to say, thousands of things I wanted to do - but all I could do was stare into her eyes. I counted the shades of green, the amount of rings in them...

I had nothing else to say to her. It was out and done, there was nothing else I could have meant.

We both lay there in silence for a few minutes, just soaking in everything as equals. Speaking our hearts and minds through the unbreakable lock between our eyes. It sent chills down my spine; I wasn't speaking - neither was she - but I knew what she was saying. She told me everything. Absolutely everything. I did the same.

It was as if being in this afterlife could have us communicate through our minds. Every note, every second.

It seemed like forever before we finished this stare. I blinked and looked down. It was all said and done. I swallowed again and grabbed Amy and hugged her. I breathed in her sweet smell, and felt her soft her. I brushed my hand through her quills and hugged her tighter. I wasn't used to this sort of thing - behavior, I suppose.

I pulled away, and kinda lay there. Then I just kinda let instinct take over. I pulled her closer again and kissed her.

I felt adrenaline singe through my veins throughout my body. It was so strange of a feeling.

When we finally broke apart, I sat up and pulled myself to my feet. I reached by hand down to help Amy up. When she stood, I looked up to the sky, and part of me realized what was ahead of us now, in this endless life.

"Come on Amy," I told her. "This world isn't even close to being complete."
nhnggn i needed this


Enjoy! First oneshot fic! ^^

Sonic and Amy (c) SEGA
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Perhaps I'm a bit dense, but it wasn't immediately obvious to me what Amy was wishing for. My guess is that she wanted Sonic in some way, but as he pointed out, he was already there.

Though the whole story has a shadow of gloom when you remember that it all takes place within the afterlife, i.e. Sonic and Amy are both dead.
FKandFriends Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Student General Artist
I was trying to keep that indirect, though in a way it would be obvious from Sonic's POV - not necessarily our own.

Yeah, I agree.
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this is so...charming
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